IBS Alumni is a growing fraternity

IBS has a growing alumni base of over 40,000 who are currently pursuing fast track careers with 600 plus companies in India and abroad. Their success in the corporate arena is an eloquent testimony to their skills, abilities and hard work, as well as to the quality and rigor of business education at IBS. This extensive and fast growing alumni network is one of the strengths of IBS.

In addition to building reputation of IBS with their success, the alumni remain in touch with each other and with their alma mater through IBS
Alumni Federation - IBSAF.

IBS Alumni are pursuing careers in the corporate work in various locations in Asia-Pacific, Australia, USA, Europe and Middle East.

IBSAF facilitates networking among alumni by organising alumni relations, class-meets and other related activities. It also assists alumni in lateral career movement and career development. IBSAF also creates opportunities for alumni to interact with current IBS students.