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What is the theme of the International Case Study Conference, 2015 (ICSC 2015) organized by IBS?

The main theme of the 2015 conference is Managing Family Business. It is expected that the cases of the theme topic should explore some of the issues family businesses across the world face like governance, leadership, competition, succession planning, board composition, communication, etc.

The other categories in ICSC 2015 are:

• Business Environment and Economics
• Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
• General Management & Strategy
• Finance and Accounting
• IT, Systems and Operations Management
• Marketing
What kind of Case Studies is the Conference looking for?

We are looking mainly for teaching cases based either on field research or secondary research. The case studies should trigger a debate in the classroom, offering scope for connecting theoretical concepts to case facts for discussion over the issues or dilemmas raised in the case. The purpose of a case study, unlike a research article, is not to prove or disprove anything. The purpose is to sensitize the students to managerial dilemmas and/or business situations and enable them to debate solutions for the same.

What format do the sessions take?

The conference convenes roundtable discussions and presentations. The typical session is a case presentation, consisting of four to six case presenters, one chair and one discussant. A session will be limited to case studies in a single category.


May I submit more than one case study?
Yes. You may submit more than one case study. However, the Conference Committee does not encourage attendees to present more than three case studies each.

The case study I have is not on a topic related to Managing Family Businesss. Can I still present it?
Yes! You can send case in any of the following topics:
• Business Environment and Economics
• Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
• General Management & Strategy
• Finance and Accounting
• IT, Systems and Operations Management
• Marketing
If I have a case study on topic other than the ones stated, can I still present the case?

Yes! You can send the case along with the teaching note as long as it is on a topic related to management.

What type of case studies can I send?

You can send case studies based on primary as well as secondary research that are based on real life situations (please note that fictitious cases will not be accepted). For further details please refer to submission guidelines at http://icmrindia.org/case%20conference/icsc-2015/submissionguidelines.html

When will I know if my case study has been accepted?

If your Case Study has been accepted for inclusion in the 2015 conference, you will be notified before June 01, 2015.

Registration and Membership:

Where do I register for the ICSC 2015?

Registration for ICSC 2015 is open. For more details please visit http://icmrindia.org/case conference/icsc-2015/http://www.ibsindia.org/conference/ICSC-2015/onlineregistration.html

I will not be presenting any case study at the Conference. May I attend the event without registering?

Registration is mandatory. You can attend various presentations as well as sessions by experts on Case Methodology and Case Writing.

Reaching Hyderabad and the Conference Venue:

Do I need to book my hotel room and make my own travel arrangements?

The program is non-residential. All conference registrants have to make their own arrangements for travel and stay. For further detail see the accommodation tab on the conference site http://icmrindia.org/case conference/icsc-2015/accomodation.html

At the Conference:

May I display my recently published book at the Conference’s book exhibit?

There will be arrangements for books authored by the participants. If you have authored any books please bring them along.

Does ICSC 2015 accept advertising in its conference? If so, what are the rates?

Yes, the ICSC does accept advertising in its conference. For advertising rates and order forms please write to icsc2015@ibsindia.org


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